FERC Filings - 2017

Filings Below
February 2017
 Feb 24, 2017 ER17-963
NEPOOL files comments supporting ISO-NE's 2016 Q4 Capital Projects Report
 Feb 16, 2017 RM17-8
NEPOOL supports ISO/RTO Council request for 30-day extension of time (to Apr 13) to comment on FERC's proposed Generator Interconnection Procedures & Agreements Reforms
 Feb 13, 2017 RM16-23; AD16-20
NEPOOL files comments in response to Notice of Proposed Rulemaking addressing Electric Storage Participation in RTO/ISO Markets
 Feb 3, 2017 ER17-925 pt1 pt2
NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly file changes to remove from the Tariff Real-Time Demand Response (RTDR) and Real-Time Emergency Generation (RTEG) resource types
 Feb 2, 2017 ER17-795
NEPOOL files comments identifying concerns and alternatives presented and reviewed in the course of the stakeholder process regarding proposed updates TO CONE, Net CONE, and ORTP values
 January 2017
 Jan 31, 2017 ER17-899
NEPOOL requests FERC accept (i) NRDC membership (Apr 1); Jan 1 terminations of NXEGEN (now known as Artis Energy Holdings), EMI Power Systems, Jeff Jones, and Powerex; and (iii) NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC  
 Jan 30, 2017 EL16-49
NEPOOL files limited comments requesting that any FERC action or decision with respect to PJM's MOPR rules be limited narrowly to the facts and circumstances as presented in the PJM market
 Jan 26, 2017 ER17-857
NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly file Attachment K Revisions (Public Policy Transmission Studies Timeline Modifications and Interregional Coordination Section Clean-Up)
 Jan 24, 2017 EL13-62
NEPOOL requests that any FERC action/decision in this docket be limited narrowly to the facts and circumstances as presented in NYISO capacity market
 Jan 11, 2017 ER17-774
NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly file changes to settle Regulation Capacity Credit and Regulation Service Credit on a 5-minute (rather than hourly) basis, in accordance with Order 825.
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