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Activity Since the May 1 Report            
    Last Update: May 15, 2019 9:50 am


Docket Brief Description
May 14 ISO-NE’s Interim Winter Energy Security (Chapter 2B) Proposal ER19-1428 MA AG answers ISO-NE Apr 30 answer
May 14 UI Trans. Rate Incentive Request: Pequonnock Substation Project ER19-1359 FERC grants in part (Abandonment Plant and CWIP Incentives), and denies in part (ROE Incentive), the transmission rate incentives requested
May 13 VTransco Tax Rate Waiver Request ER19-1832 VTransco requests a waiver of Attachment F to enable it to use the 21% fed. income tax rate in its 2019 revenue requirement calculations
May 13 Membership not docketed ISO-NE files notice of May 9 suspension of Great American Power LLC from the New England Markets
May 10 Capital Projects Report - 2019 Q1 ER19-1822 ISO-NE submits 2019 Q1 Report
May 10 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 NEPGA answers IMM and ISO-NE answers; Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems files comments to respond specifically to certain statements made about MHPS’s turbine technology in the Niemann Affidavit and corresponding statements in the Capacity Suppliers Comments
May 10 Schedule 21-EM: BHD Excess ADIT Changes ER19-1470 FERC issues deficiency letter requesting add'l information; response due Jun 10 
May 10 RTO Insider Press
Policy Complaint
EL18-196-001 Public Citizen requests rehearing of RTO Insider Complaint Order
May 8 ISO-NE’s Interim Winter Energy Security (Chapter 2B) Proposal ER19-1428 FERC issues deficiency letter;
ISO-NE responses due Jun 7, 2019
May 8 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 Clean Energy Advocates (Acadia Center, CLF, Sierra Club) answer Vineyard Wind's Apr 12 protest and other comments
May 8 Schedule 21-EM: BHD Excess ADIT Changes ER19-1470 Emera Maine submits errata to correct typographical errors (replacing references to the Maine Public District with the Bangor Hydro District)
May 7 FCA13 Results Filing ER19-1166 Vineyard Wind answers ISO-NE Apr 29 answer
May 7 IMM Quarterly Markets Reports ZZ19-4 IMM files Winter 2019 Report
May 7 D&E Agreem't Cancellat'n: NSTAR/NGrid (Wynn Casino) ER19-1395 FERC accepts notice of cancellation, eff. Mar 21, 2019
May 6 Schedule 21-EM: BHD Excess ADIT Changes ER19-1470
Emera Maine answers MPUC Apr 19 comments
May 6 203 Application: Kendall Green Energy EC19-86 Kendall Green requests authorization for transaction in which Veolia will become the sole owner through the acquisition of ISQ Thermal Kendall's 49% share
May 3 203 Application: Convergent Energy & Power / ECP EC19-85 Convergent requests authorization for its acquisition by ECP (upon which it will become a Calpine Related Person)
May 3 ISO-NE eTariff Versioning Corrections ER19-1387 FERC accepts fling, eff. Apr 1, 2019
May 2 CMP & UI/Brookfield Phase I/II HVDC-TF Service Agreements ER19-1105
FERC accepts agreements, eff. Jan 1, 2020 (1105 & 1106) and Sep. 1, 2020 (1107)
May 1 Order 841 Compliance Filing ER19-470 ISO-NE files responses to FERC Apr 1 letter requesting additional information
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