The New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) was established in 1971 as a voluntary association of market participants from the six New England States.  The Participants Committee is the principal governing body of NEPOOL, which considers and acts on all matters affecting the New England region’s wholesale electric power arrangements, either directly or by delegation. The Participants Committee is made up of six energy Sectors in which every NEPOOL Participant, together with its Related Persons, is entitled to have a member and alternate.  The six Sectors are each represented by an Officer that is selected by the Sector on an annual basis. A Committee Chairman is elected from among those Officers.  The Participants Committee meets monthly in a New England locale, typically in Boston or its environs, and has an annual Summer Meeting, typically at the end of June, at locations throughout the New England States.  

Jan 19      FERC grants NEPGA PER Complaint in part; Sep 30, 2016 refund effective date established.  
                The FERC issued an order granting in part NEPGA's complaint and setting it in part for hearing and 
                settlement judge procedures.  A refund effective date of September 30, 2016 was established.  
                The order requires ISO-NE to revise the method by which it calculates the PER Strike Price as set forth in 
                ISO-NE Tariff section III., but set the question of the appropriate method of calculating the 
                PER Strike Price for hearing and settlement judge procedures under section 206 of the FPA. In establishing 
                a Sep 30, 2016 effective date, the FERC clarified that "any changes to the calculation of the PER Strike Price 
                under ISO-NE Tariff section III. would be prospective only from September 30, 2016, as 
                required by FPA section 206, and would not impact the application of any PER Adjustment occurring before
                September 30, 2016."  View order.

Jan 11      ISO-NE issues a notice initiating its first Order 1000-related Public Policy Process, identifying 
                input sought and submission process and deadlines.  Through Feb 25, 2017, input regarding public policy 
                requirements (federal, state and local) identified as driving transmission needs relating to the New England 
                Transmission System, and the particular transmission needs being driven by those requirements, should be 
                submitted to utilizing the template posted.  A high level summary of the Public 
                Policy Transmission Upgrade (PPTU) process is available on ISO-NE's 
                Public Policy Transmission Upgrades webpage

Jan 9        FERC accepts Natural Gas Index Changes.  The FERC accepted jointly filed Tariff changes that will use
                AGT-CG (Non-G) hub natural gas prices in the calculation of the Peak Energy Rent Strike Price, the Import 
                Capacity Resource offer threshold price, and the Forward Reserve threshold price.  The changes were 
                accepted effective as of January 10, 2017.  View order

Dec 12     2d Cir. Lifts Emergency Injunction.  Following oral argument in the Allco v. Klee matter, the Second 
                Circuit Court of Appeals lifted the emergency injunction that it had ordered enjoining CT from “awarding, 
                entering into, executing, or approving any wholesale electricity contracts in connection with the [Clean 
                Energy RFP] during the pendency of this appeal”.  View order lifting injunction.

Jan 24          Transmission Committee - Westborough, MA DoubleTree Hotel.  materials.

Jan 25          IMAPP - Westborough, MA DoubleTree Hotel.  materials.

Jan 26          Budget & Finance Subcommittee - teleconference.  materials.

Feb 3            Participants Committee - Boston, MA Seaport Hotel.  materials. 

Feb 7            Markets Committee - Westborough, MA DoubleTree Hotel.  materials.

Feb 8            Stability Task Force - teleconference.  materials.

Feb 8            Transmission Task Force - teleconference.  materials.

Feb 9            PAC - Westborough, MA DoubleTree Hotel.  materials.

Feb 9            Meter Reader Working Group - teleconference.  materials.

Feb 10          Budget & Finance Subcommittee - teleconference.  materials.

Feb 15          Reliability Committee - Westborough, MA DoubleTree Hotel.  materials.
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