The New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) was established in 1971 as a voluntary association of market participants from the six New England States.  The Participants Committee is the principal governing body of NEPOOL, which considers and acts on all matters affecting the New England region’s wholesale electric power arrangements, either directly or by delegation. The Participants Committee is made up of six energy Sectors in which every NEPOOL Participant, together with its Related Persons, is entitled to have a member and alternate.  The six Sectors are each represented by an Officer that is selected by the Sector on an annual basis. A Committee Chairman is elected from among those Officers.  The Participants Committee meets monthly in a New England locale, typically in Boston or its environs, and has an annual Summer Meeting, typically at the end of June, at locations throughout the New England States.  

Mar 20    FERC extends deadline 30 days, to May 9, for comments on RTO/ISO grid resilience filings.  
View order here.

Mar 9      FERC accepts CASPR Proposal.  In an order issued late in the evening, the FERC accepted ISO-NE's 
               Competitive Auctions with Sponsored Policy Resources (CASPR) revisions.  The revisions are effective 
               Mar 9, 2018 (with the exception of revisions to Section III.13.7 that are to become effective Jun 1, 2018).  
               The order, with a partial concurrence from Commissioner Lafleur, a concurrence in part and dissent in part 
               from Commissioner Glick, and a dissent from Commissioner Powelson may be viewed here.

Mar 9      FERC Accepts Updated Dynamic De-List Bid Threshold.  
The FERC accepted, without change or 
               condition, the Market Rule revisions jointly filed by ISO-NE and NEPOOL that reduce the FCM Dynamic 
               De-List Bid Threshold
, beginning with FCA13, to $4.30/kW-mo.  View order here.  

Mar 9      ISO-NE files response to Grid Resilience Order. 
ISO-NE’s response identifies fuel security as the most 
               significant challenge for the New England bulk power system’s resilience and requests time to work with 
               stakeholders to develop a long-term solution to that challenge.  View ISO-NE's response here.

Feb 28    FERC Inquiry Finds No Withholding of Pipeline Capacity in New England Markets.  
               The FERC issued a press release stating that a Staff inquiry, prompted by allegations made by the 
               Environmental Defense Fund in an August 2017 white paper,
revealed no evidence of anticompetitive 
               withholding of natural gas pipeline capacity on Algonquin Gas Transmission by New England shippers. FERC 
               Staff determined that “EDF’s study was flawed and led to incorrect conclusions about the alleged withholding. 
               Commission staff found no evidence of capacity withholding.” The FERC will take no further action on the 
               matter.  View press release here

Mar 23        Budget & Finance Subcommittee - teleconference.  materials.

Mar 26        Energy Efficiency WG - WebEx.  materials.

Mar 27        Transmission Committee - teleconferencematerials.

Mar 28        Reliability Committee - Milford, MA DoubleTree Hotel.  materials.

Mar 28        GIS Usability Group - teleconference.

Mar 28        Load Forecast WG - WebEx.  materials.

Mar 29        Demand Resources WG - Holyoke, MA ISO-NE Boston Conf. Room.  materials.

Mar 29        Reliability Committee - WebEx.  materials.
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