Current Members

Pre-Printed Rosters:  Sector Roster    Alphabetical (by Voting Member)     Alphabetical (2d RNA)                                 ISO-NE CAMS:
Abest Power & Gas, LLC
Acadia Center
Acushnet Company
Aesir Power, LLC
Agera Energy LLC
Algonquin Energy Services Inc
Alphataraxia Nickel LLC
Ambit Northeast LLC
Ameresco CT LLC
American Power & Gas of MA, LLC
American PowerNet Management, LP
Aminpour, Farhad
Ampersand Energy Partners LLC
Anbaric Development Partners, LLC
Anthony, Christopher M.
Antrim Wind Energy LLC
Appian Way Energy Partners East, LLC
Archer Energy, LLC
Ashburnham Municipal Light Plant
Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Astral Energy LLC
Athens Energy LLC
Atlantic Energy MA, LLC
Avangrid Renewables, LLC
Backyard Farms, LLC
Backyard Farms Energy, LLC
Bath Iron Works Corporation
BBPC LLC d/b/a Great Eastern Energy
Beacon Falls Energy Park, LLC
Bear Swamp Power Company LLC
Belmont Municipal Light Department
Berkshire Power Company, LLC
Berlin Station, LLC
Black Bear Hydro Partners, LLC
Blackstone Hydro, Inc.
Block Island Power Company
Bloom Energy Corporation
Blue Sky East, LLC
Blue Sky West, LLC
BlueRock Energy, Inc.
Boston Energy Trading and Marketing
Boylston Municipal Light Department
BP Energy Company
Braintree Electric Light Department
Bridgewater Power Company L.P.
Brookfield Energy Marketing Inc.
Brookfield Energy Marketing LP
Brookfield Renewable Energy Mkt'g US
Brookfield White Pine Hydro LLC
Brown Bear II Hydro, Inc.
Bruce Power, Inc.
Bucksport Generation LLC
Burlington Electric Department
C.N. Brown Electricity, LLC
Calpine Energy Services, LP
Calpine Energy Solutions, LLC
Canandaigua Power Partners, LLC
Canton Mountain Wind, LLC
Cape Light Compact JPE
Castleton Commod. Merchant Trading 
Celtic Power Analytics, LLC
Central Maine Power Company
Centre Lane Trading Limited
Champion Energy Marketing LLC
Champlain VT, LLC
Chester Municipal Light Department
CHI Power Marketing, Inc.
Chicopee Municipal Lighting Plant
Choice Energy LLC
Cianbro Energy, LLC
Citigroup Energy Inc.
CleanChoice Energy, Inc.
Clear Choice Energy, LLC
CLEAResult Consulting Inc.
Clearview Electric Inc.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
      (Div. of Capital Asset Management)
CommonWealth Resource Management
Competitive Energy Services, LLC
Concord Municipal Light Plant
Conn. Central Energy, LLC
Conn. Gas & Electric, Inc.
Conn. Jet Power LLC
Conn. Light and Power Company d/b/a
      Eversource Energy
Conn. Materials Innovations & Recycling
Conn. Municipal Electric Energy Coop.
Conn. Office of Consumer Counsel
Conn. Transmission Municipal Electric
      Energy Coop.
Conservation Law Foundation
Consolidated Edison Co. of NY, Inc.
Consolidated Edison Development, Inc.
Consolidated Edison Energy, Inc.
Consolidated Edison Solutions, Inc.
Constellation Energy Power Choice, LLC Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.
Convergent Energy and Power LLC
Covanta Energy Marketing, LLC
Covanta Haverhill Associates, LP
Covanta Projects of Wallingford, LP
CPV Towantic, LLC
Cricket Valley Energy Center, LLC
Cross-Sound Cable Company, LLC
CS Berlin Ops, Inc.
Cumulus Master Fund
CWP Energy inc.
Danvers Electric Division
Darby Energy, LLLP
Dartmouth Power Associates, LP
DC Energy, LLC
Deepwater Wind Block Island LLC
Devon Power LLC
Devonshire Energy LLC
Direct Energy Business, LLC
Direct Energy Business Marketing, LLC
Discount Power, Inc.
Dominion Energy Generation
     Marketing, Inc.
Dominion Energy Nuclear
     Connecticut, Inc.
DTE Energy Trading, Inc.
Durgin & Crowell Lumber Co., Inc.
Dynasty Power Inc.
Dynegy Marketing and Trade LLC
East Avenue Energy LLC
EDF Energy Services, LLC
EDF Trading North America, LLC
eKapital Investments LLC
Electricity Maine, LLC
Electricity N.H., LLC d/b/a ENH Power
Elektrisola, Inc.
Eligo Energy, LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub. No. 1 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub. No. 2 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub. No. 3 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub. No. 4 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub. No. 5 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub. No. 6 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub. No. 7 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub. No. 8 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub. No. 9 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub No 11 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub No 12 LLC
Emera Energy Services Sub No 15 LLC
Emera Maine Inc.
EmpireCo Limited Partnership
Energy Management, Inc.
Energy New England LLC
Energy Federation Inc.
Energy GPS LLC
Energy Plus Holdings LLC
Energy Rewards, LLC
EnerNOC, Inc.
Enerwise Global Technologies, Inc.
     d/b/a CPower
Engelhart CTP (US) LLC
ENGIE Energy Marketing NA, Inc. 
ENGIE Resources LLC
Entergy Nuclear Power Marketing LLC
Entrust Energy East, Inc.
EnvaPower, Inc.
Environmental Defense Fund, Inc.
ESI Northeast Energy GP, Inc.
Essential Power Massachusetts, LLC
Essential Power Newington, LLC

ETC Endure Energy, LLC
Evergreen Wind Power II, LLC
Evergreen Wind Power III, LLC
EverPower Commercial Services LLC
Eversource Energy Transmission
     Ventures, Inc.
Everyday Energy, LLC
Exelon Generation Company, LLC
Fairchild Energy, LLC
First Point Power, LLC
FirstLight Power Resources
     Management, LLC
Fisher Road Solar I LLC
Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Co.
Food City, Inc.
Footprint Power Salem Harbor
FPL Energy Mason, LLC
FPL Energy Wyman, LLC
FPL Energy Wyman IV, LLC
Freepoint Commodities, LLC
Fusion SolarCenter, LLC
Galt Power Inc.
Garland Manufacturing Company
Garland Power Company
Gas Recovery Systems, LLC
GBE Power Inc.
GenBright, LLC
GenConn Energy LLC
GenOn Energy Management, LLC
Georges River Energy, LLC
Georgetown Municipal Light Dep't
Goose River Hydro, Inc.
Granite Reliable Power, LLC
Gravity Renewables Inc.
Great American Power, LLC
Great Bay Power Marketing, Inc.
Great River Hydro, LLC
Green Berkshires, Inc.
Green Development, LLC d/b/a Wind
    Energy Development, LLC
Green Mountain Energy Company
Green Mountain Power
Green Power USA, LLC
GridAmerica Holdings Inc.
Groton Electric Light Department
Groveland Electric Light Department
GSP Lost Nation LLC
GSP Merrimack LLC
GSP Newington LLC
GSP Schiller LLC
GSP White Lake LLC
H.Q. Energy Services (U.S.) Inc.
Hammond Belgrade Energy LLC
Hammond Lumber Company
Hampshire Council of Governments Hancock Wind, LLC
Hanover, NH (Town of)
Harborside Energy of Massachusetts
Harvard Dedicated Energy Limited
High Liner Foods (USA) Incorporated
HIKO Energy, LLC
Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant
Holden Municipal Light Department
Holyoke Gas & Electric Department
Howard Wind LLC
Hudson Energy Services, LLC
Hudson Light and Power Department
Hull Municipal Lighting Plant
Icetec Energy Services, Inc.
IDT Energy, Inc.
Indeck Energy-Alexandria, LLC
Independence Energy Group LLC
Industrial Energy Consumer Group
Industrial Power Services Corporation
Inertia Power III LP
Inspire Energy Holdings, LLC
Interstate Gas Supply, Inc.
Invenergy Energy Management LLC
IPKeys Power Partners, LLC
Ipswich Municipal Light Department
J. Aron & Company, LLC 
J.F. Gray & Associates, LLC
Jericho Power LLC
Josco Energy MA LLC
Just Energy (U.S.) Corp.
Kendall Green Energy LLC
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
King Forest Industries, Inc.
Kleen Energy Systems, LLC
Liberty Power Delaware LLC
Liberty Power Holdings, LLC
Liberty Utilities (Granite State Electric)
LifeEnergy, LLC
Linde Energy Services, Inc.
Littleton (MA) Electric Light Dep't
Littleton (NH) Water and Light Dep't
Long Island Lighting Co. d/b/a LIPA
Longreach Energy, LLC
Longwood Medical Energy
    Collaborative, Inc.
Lotus Danbury LMS100 One, LLC
Lotus Danbury LMS100 Two, LLC
MA Operating Holdings, LLC
Macquarie Energy, LLC
Madison Electric Works
MAG Energy Solutions, Inc.
Maine Power LLC
Maine Public Advocate Office
Maine Skiing, Inc.
Major Energy Electric Services
Manchester Methane, LLC
Mansfield Municipal Electric Dep't
Maple Energy LLC
Marble River, LLC
Marblehead Municipal Light Dep't
Marco DM Holdings, LLC
Marie's Way Solar I, LLC
Mass Solar 1, LLC
Mass. Office of the Attorney General
Mass. Bay Transportation Authority
Mass. Development Finance Agency
Mass. Electric Company
Mass. Gas and Electric, Inc.
Mass. Municipal Wholesale Electric Co.
Mass. Port Authority
Mega Energy Holdings, LLC
Mercuria Energy America, Inc.
Merrill Lynch Commodities, Inc.
Merrimac Municipal Light Department
Messalonskee Stream Hydro, LLC
Middleborough Gas and Electric Dep't
Middleton Municipal Electric Dep't
Middletown Power LLC
Millennium Power Partners, LP
Mint Energy, LLC
Montville Power LLC
Moore Company, The
Moore Energy LLC
Morgan Stanley Capital Group, Inc.  MPower Energy LLC
Nalcor Energy Marketing
Narragansett Electric Company
National Gas & Electric, LLC
Natural Resources Defense Council
Nautilus Hydro, LLC
Nautilus Power, LLC
New Brunswick Energy Mktg. Corp.
New England Confectionery Co. Inc.
New England Energy Connection, LLC
New England Power Company
New England Wire Technologies Corp.
New Hampshire Electric Coop., Inc.
New Hampshire Industries, Inc.
NH Office of Consumer Advocate
New Hampshire Transmission, LLC
New York State Electric & Gas, Inc.
NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC
NextEra Energy Maine, Inc.
NextEra Energy Resources, LLC
NextEra Energy Seabrook LLC
Niagara Wind Power, LLC
Noble Environmental Power, LLC
Nordic Energy Services, LLC
North American Power and Gas, LLC
North Attleborough Electric Dep't
Northern States Power Company
Norwalk Power LLC
Norwood Municipal Light Department
NRG Curtailment Solutions, Inc.
NRG Power Marketing, LLC
NSTAR Electric Company d/a/a
      Eversource Energy

NTE Connecticut, LLC
Number Nine Wind Farm LLC
Nylon Corporation of America, Inc.
Oasis Power, LLC d/b/a Oasis Energy
Ohmconnect, Inc.
Ontario Power Gen. Energy Trading
Ontario Power Generation Inc. 
Orbit Energy Rhode Island, LLC
Pacific Summit Energy, LLC
Palmco Power MA, LLC
Pascoag Utility District
Patriot Partnership LLC
Pawtucket Power Holding Company
Paxton Municipal Light Department
Peabody Municipal Light Plant
Peninsula Power, LLC
Perigee Energy, LLC
Pioneer Hydro Electric Co., Inc.
Plainfield Renewable Energy, LLC
Plant-E Corp.
Plymouth Rock Energy, LLC
PNE Energy Supply LLC
Power Bidding Strategies, LLC
Power Supply Services, LLC
PowerOptions, Inc.
Praxair, Inc.
Princeton Municipal Light Department
Provider Power Mass, LLC
PSEG Energy Resources & Trade LLC
PSEG New Haven LLC
Public Power, LLC
Public Service Co. of New Hampshire
      d/a/a Eversource Energy
Putnam Hydropower, Inc.
Rainbow Energy Marketing Corp.
RBC Energy Services LP
Reading Municipal Light Plant
Record Hill Wind LLC
ReEnergy Stratton LLC
Reliant Energy Northeast LLC
Renaissance Power & Gas, Inc.
Rensselaer Generating, LLC
Repsol Energy North American Corp.
Residents Energy, LLC
Rhode Island Engine Genco, LLC
Rhode Island State Energy Center, LP Rinar Power LLC
Rocky Gorge Corporation
Roctop Investments Inc.
Roseton Generating, LLC
Rowley Municipal Light Plant
Royal Bank of Canada
Rubicon NYP Corp.
Russell Municipal Light Department
Saint Anselm College
Saracen Energy East LLC
Saracen Power LLC
Seneca Energy II, LLC
SFE Energy Connecticut LLC
SFE Energy Massachusetts LLC
Shell Energy North America (US) L.P.
Shipyard Brewing Co., LLC
Shipyard Energy LLC
Shrewsbury Electric & Cable Operations
SmartEnergy Holdings LLC
Solea Energy, LLC
Somerset Power LLC
South Hadley Electric Light Department
South Jersey Energy Company
South Jersey Energy ISO1, LLC
South Jersey Energy ISO3, LLC
Spark Energy, LLC
Springfield Power LLC
Spruce Mountain Wind, LLC
SRECTrade, Inc.
Starion Energy, Inc.
Sterling Municipal Electric Light Dep't Stetson Holdings, LLC
Stetson Wind II, LLC
Stored Solar J&WE, LLC
Stowe Electric Department
Summer Energy Northeast, LLC
Sunwave USA Holdings, Inc.
Sustaining Power Solutions LLC
SWEB Development USA, LLC
Swift River Trading Company LLC
Syncarpha Lexington, LLC
Talen Energy Marketing, LLC
Tangent Energy Solutions, Inc.
Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant
TCPL Power Ltd.
TEC Energy, Inc.
Templeton Municipal Lighting Plant
Tenaska Power Management, LLC
Tenaska Power Services Co.
Texas Retail Energy, LLC
The Energy Consortium
The Energy Council of Rhode Island
Titan Gas LLC
Torofino Trading, LLC
Town of New Shoreham, Rhode Island Town Square Energy, LLC
TrailStone Power, LLC
TransAlta Energy Marketing (U.S.) Inc.
TransCanada Energy Ltd.
TransCanada Power Marketing Ltd.
Twin Eagle Resource Management, LLC
UIL Distributed Resources, LLC
Uncia Energy, LP - Series G
Union Atlantic Electricity, Inc. 
Union of Concerned Scientists, Inc.
Uniper Global Commodities North
     America LLC
United Illuminating Company
Unitil Energy Systems, Inc.
UNITIL Power Corp.
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
University System of New Hampshire
Utility Expense Reduction LLC
Utility Services, Inc.
VCharge Inc.
VECO Power Trading, LLC
Verde Energy USA, Inc.
Vermont Electric Cooperative
Vermont Electric Power Company, Inc.
Vermont Energy Investment Corp.
Vermont Public Power Supply Authority
Vermont Transco LLC
Vermont Wind
Verso Energy Services, LLC
Viridian Energy, LLC
Viridity Energy, Inc.
Viridity Energy Solutions, Inc.
Vitol Inc.
Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Dep't
Wallingford, CT, DPU, Electric Division
Wallingford Energy II, LLC
Waterbury Generation LLC
Waterside Power, LLC
Wellesley Municipal Light Plant
West Boylston Municipal Lighting Plant
Westfield Gas & Electric Light Dep't
Wheelabrator Bridgeport, LP
Wheelabrator North Andover, Inc.
WM Renewable Energy, LLC
Wolfeboro Municipal Electric Department Wolverine Holdings, L.P.
Yellow Jacket Energy, LLC
Yes Energy, LLC

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