Become a Member

Any Entity, upon compliance with such reasonable conditions as the Participants Committee may prescribe, may become a NEPOOL Participant by providing a duly executed counterpart of the NEPOOL Agreement, as amended, and payment of the applicable application fee. The process to become a ISO-NE Market Participant can be completed at the same time. In chronological order, the steps that must be completed are as follows:

1.  Complete and submit the following:      
Paper copy to:
    Attn: Membership Support
    ISO New England Inc.
    One Sullivan Road
    Holyoke, MA 01040-2841

Electronic copy to: 
Paper copy to:
Attn: Market and Credit Risk Department
ISO New England Inc.
One Sullivan Road
Holyoke, MA 01040-2841

2. Wire Application Fee (contact the Membership Application Coordinator for wiring instructions)

        • Application fee schedule 

3. Complete credit application and financial assurance review

Your credit application and applicable financial documents will be reviewed by ISO-NE Market and Credit Risk Department.  Any changes or additional materials should be promptly provided as requested.  Once all requested materials have been submitted and reviewed, and any required amount of additional financial assurance provided, ISO-NE will issue to the Membership Subcommitee a Financial Viability Report. 

4. Complete application review

Your application will be reviewed by the ISO-NE Membership Application Coordinator, ISO-NE Customer Support Membership Analyst (Mentor), and NEPOOL Counsel. Any changes or additional materials should be promptly provided as requested.  Once all requested materials are submitted and complete, Membership Subcommittee review (Step 5) will be scheduled.

5. Participate in NEPOOL Membership Subcommittee review 

The applicant should participate in the Subcommittee’s review of the application.  A schedule for the submission and Subcommittee review of applications is available here.  If approved, applicants must satisfy any conditions to such approval.  Applicants for Market Participant status will proceed to Steps 6 and 7; Governance Only Members will skip to and must complete Step 7.

6. Complete, execute and mail to Membership Coordinator:  

7. Complete, execute and mail to Membership Coordinator (if becoming a Market Participant):

Memberships become effective as of the the 1st of the month following completion of the steps outlined above.

Contact Information:


Membership Support
(413) 535-4328

NEPOOL Counsel
Pat Gerity
(860) 275-0533

Customer Support
(413) 540-4220  
Market and Credit Risk Department
(413) 540-4400
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